Washed Concrete Mosaic (Lemon Color) 40x40cm

Status: Available
Washed Concrete Mosaic (Lemon Color) 40x40cm

Concrete wash mosaics of Novin Beton Pars Company are produced in three sizes: 30x60, 40x40, 50x50 cm and are offered to dear customers. All products of Novin Beton Pars Company are produced in the best way and are tested a lot. Novin Beton Pars is trying to improve the quality of its products in order to satisfy its customers as much as possible. Concrete wash mosaic aggregates have a homogeneous mortar and are present up to the last layer. It is also made of natural colored aggregates found in nature.

Today, mosaics are produced and offered in different designs and shapes. Novin Pars Concrete Production Group is one of the manufacturers of mosaic, flooring and concrete parts that has a long history and experience in the production and supply of these products to its customers.

Among the advantages of concrete wash mosaic can be mentioned the following:

- Easy to wash
- Easy to install
- Mortar has homogeneity
- Various designs and colors
- There is no air bubble in the longitudinal and transverse section
- It has mechanical strength and has sufficient strength with temperature change
- Produced in the form of vibration

Technical Specs Washed Concrete Mosaic (Lemon Color) 40x40cm

Product Type : Washed Concrete Mosaic
Colors : Lemon Color
Production Process : Brush / Vibrating
Concrete Grade : 400 Kg Per Cubic Meter
Weight of Each Piece : 12 Kg
Weight Per Square Meter : 80 Kg
Number Per Square Meter : 6.25 Pcs
Nissan Pickup Capacity : 30 Square Meters
Truck Capacity 4.5 tons : 60 Square Meters
Truck Capacity 15 tons (single axle) : 130 Square Meters
Truck Capacity 15 tons (two axles) : 190 Square Meters
Trailer Capacity : 300 Square Meters
Length (L) : 40 Cm
Height (H) : 40 Cm
Thickness (W) : 3.5 ~ 4 Cm
Inventory Status : Available
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