Prince Stone Facade Polymer Mosaic (Lemon Color) 40x60cm

Status: Available

Polymer flooring is used in street construction, sidewalks, office buildings, yards and gardens. Cement Plast is a combination of chemicals and minerals that, using the changes in molecular tissue, cement becomes a polymerization reaction. Polymer flooring includes white cement, polyester, sand, stone powder, hardener and pigment (paint) which are prepared for injection in the mold after mixing.
Polymer mosaics produced in Novin Beton Pars Company have laboratory tests and this company is obliged to produce the best and highest quality type of polymer flooring with low water absorption and suitable color stability.

Polymer mosaic has laboratory tests at temperatures of -50 degrees and +50, so in cities with low temperatures such as Tabriz, which have snow and ice, as well as cities such as Bandar Abbas and Ahvaz, where the weather is very hot and with degrees They are also high heat. This type of product is very resistant. Also, Cement Plast is very resistant due to low rainfall and high humidity due to its low water and moisture absorption in the northern regions of the country.

Advantages of polymer flooring:

- Suitable for high and low temperatures
- Low water absorption
- Various designs and colors

Features of polymer mosaic floor:

- Compressive strength: 600-1000 kg per square centimeter
- Flexural strength: 60-150 kg per square centimeter
- Cold resistance: 25 degrees Celsius below zero
- Water penetration: less than 3%
- Weight loss capability
- Resistant to sunlight and a variety of cold and hot weather conditions
- Durability of mosaic colors and stone facade more than 15 years

Technical Specs Prince Stone Facade Polymer Mosaic (Lemon Color) 40x60cm

Product Type : Prince Stone Facade Polymer Mosaic
Colors : Lemon Color
Concrete Grade : 400 Kg Per Cubic Meter
Weight of Each Piece : 12 Kg
Weight Per Square Meter : 50 Kg
Number Per Square Meter : 4 Pcs
Nissan Pickup Capacity : 40 Square Meters
Truck Capacity 4.5 tons : 80 Square Meters
Truck Capacity 15 tons (single axle) : 200 Square Meters
Truck Capacity 15 tons (two axles) : 300 Square Meters
Trailer Capacity : 450 Square Meters
Length (L) : 40 Cm
Height (H) : 60 Cm
Thickness (W) : 2 Cm
Bending Resistance : 150 Kg Per Square Centimeter
Pressure Resistance : 600-1000 Kg Per Square Centimeter
Temperature Resistance : 500 Cycles Of Cold (Freezing) And Heat
Inventory Status : Available
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