Forouhar Design Fantasy Concrete Curb

Status: Available

Pars Concrete New Production Group uses the best raw materials such as microsilica gel, concrete lubricant, high-grade cement (Shahroud type 2 Portland cement) and experienced manpower, which plays an important role in the production of quality products, to strengthen its concrete products. Slowly Concrete table around the garden is produced as a single layer and homogeneous, and colored mortar and aggregates are present in the entire thickness of the product, and due to low water absorption, this product is resistant to cold and heat. Fantasy concrete table with concrete waterfall design is one of the best-selling products of Novin Beton Company.

Fancy garden round table with a thickness of 7 cm is produced and offered in two colors (gray, red) and various designs. Fancy concrete table is used for garden remodeling, garden demarcation, pool protection.

Other products for concrete round garden table:

- Fantasy concrete table, concrete pencil wash design
- Fancy concrete table with concrete wash altar design
- Fantasy palm design concrete table
- Fancy concrete table with simple design
- Fantasy concrete table of Achaemenid design
- Fancy concrete table with a dome design

Technical Specs Forouhar Design Fantasy Concrete Curb

Product Type : Forouhar Design Fantasy Concrete Curb
Colors : Gray - Red
Production Process : Concrete Formwork
Concrete Grade : 400 Kg Per Cubic Meter
Weight of Each Piece : 19 Kg
Weight Per Square Meter : 38 Kg
Number Per Square Meter : 2 Pcs
Nissan Pickup Capacity : 115 Pcs
Truck Capacity 4.5 tons : 235 Pcs
Truck Capacity 15 tons (single axle) : 525 Pcs
Truck Capacity 15 tons (two axles) : 790 Pcs
Trailer Capacity : 1150 Pcs
Length (L) : 50 Cm
Height (H) : 30 Cm
Thickness (W) : 7 Cm
Inventory Status : Available
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