Concrete Street Curb 40x50x15cm

Status: Available
Concrete Street Curb 40x50x15cm

Novin Beton Pars street concrete tables are made of high quality silica and that is why it is very resistant to heat and cold. This product is packed in special pallets after steaming in the steam room and is ready to be offered to dear customers. Concrete street table is produced and supplied in four sizes: 60x50x15cm, 50x50x15cm, 40x50x15cm, 30x50x10cm. The weight of each piece of concrete table (40x50x15cm) is 67 kg.
Due to the use of small amounts of water in concrete tables, their strength, strength and quality have increased, and this has caused the satisfaction of customers of Novin Beton Pars Company.

Advantages of using concrete street table:

- Use of high quality grain silica
- High grade concrete
- Resistant to cold and heat
- Identity of concrete parts

Application of street concrete table:

- Separation of water from the street
- Separation of sidewalks and streets

Technical Specs Concrete Street Curb 40x50x15cm

Product Type : Concrete Street Curb
Colors : Gray
Concrete Grade : 440 Kg Per Cubic Meter
Weight of Each Piece : 67 Kg
Weight Per Square Meter : 134 Kg
Number Per Square Meter : 2 Pcs
Number per pallet : Format 20
Nissan Pickup Capacity : 32 Pcs
Truck Capacity 4.5 tons : 67 Pcs
Truck Capacity 15 tons (single axle) : 150 Pcs
Truck Capacity 15 tons (two axles) : 224 Pcs
Trailer Capacity : 330 Pcs
Length (L) : 50 Cm
Height (H) : 40 Cm
Thickness (W) : 15 Cm
Inventory Status : Available
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